From our debut album ‘Real Dancing‘ 

Motel Pool


1. The Bass

The Bass
“The Bass” is a stunning track that proves there are still ways for artists to completely craft a brand new, innovative sound that continues to push boundaries across the indie rock realm.
— The Revue
“The Bass” is among the most dynamic rock tracks we’ve heard so far in 2017. If this is an indicator of what we can expect on their forthcoming EP out later this year, sign us up.
— Paste Magazine
“The Bass” is a hypnotic dance rock anthem infused with tropical rhythms and psychedelic indie undertones. It feels as though it could have been born in the deserts outside of Los Angeles; soundtracking a mind-expanding journey for someone about to have the ‘Eureka’ moment that will change their life.
— Play Too Much

2. Misbehaving

“Misbehaving” is a superior example of the band’s soulful sensibilities. Funkified basslines and guitar transport listeners to the heat and hedonism of the dance floor while the quartet... do their best to upset expectations about the parameters of a pop song. Lead guitar lines land somewhere between Hendrix at his height and the near absurdity of 8-bit music; gang vocals allow listeners to sing at the top of their lungs and lose themselves in the track’s carefree ways...
— PopMatters

3. If Only

If Only
If Only, has so many versatile and enjoyable transitions from a dark wave beginning to dance, high pitched guitar riffs – its lyrics match the beats to the point that you’ll find yourself singing along to the catchy chorus.
— Huffington Post
“If only is the soundtrack to sailing through the air as your aquamarine Cadillac cascades off a cliff. Hurtling ever closer to the crisp cool ocean but not falling, suspended in infinite glide.”
— idobi
Racing are back with another impressive track titled “If Only”. We were quite blown away by their last track “The Bass” and “If Only” is continuing to confirm the quartet’s talent. We are digging the high pitched guitars that are melded with a completely dance inspired vibe. The track is addicting with a melodic earworm chorus and the added touch of their signature synth makes this one a track you won’t soon forget.
— The Revue

4. Let It Slip

Racing, The Band


Auckland-based four piece, Racing, take rock and roll and inject it with a chemical haze so potent the listener is left both pleased and punished. Once likened to “the thoughts of a crocodile in flood season”, the band crafts a swirling sea of groove and hypnosis into rock anthems drenched in weird tropical dance music. 

On The Bass EP, due out later this year, Racing brews a soup equal parts Can, Marilyn Manson and Depeche Mode, seasoned with the soulful melodies of classic Motown. At the EP’s core is the title track and first single, ‘The Bass’ - a perfect introduction to what will undoubtedly be a breakthrough year for the band.  

Racing is made up of long-time collaborators Ed Knowles (vocals) and Sven Pettersen (guitar); two crucial parts to the colossus that was The Checks. The two time Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards winners (Best Rock Album) from Auckland, made their way into the pages of NME while sharing the stage with Oasis, REM, The Hives, AC/DC, The Killers and Muse on different tours. Knowles and Pettersen are joined by two other heavy hitters from the Kiwi alternative scene - Daniel Barrett (Bass) and Izaak Houston (Drums).

From the darkness of the late night dive bars where they cut their teeth, to playing summer festivals across New Zealand, the four members of Racing have come together to create a massive sound that challenges anything from their collective musical past.



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